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Chattanooga Writers’ Guild 2016 Anthology

 Author: Multiple  Category: Anthologies & Collections, Chattanooga, Tennessee & Appalachia, Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry  Published: 20 Dec, 2016  ISBN: 1541237072 Buy

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild is not one voice, but a chorus. Our relationships with each other, our neighbors, the city of Chattanooga, and the region all interact to influence us as we tune our writing voices. And while we may write poetry, essays, genre or literary fiction, the impact of those interactions shines through in a bright harmony. The result is this collection of works from our 2016 Spring Writing Contest. Inside you will find a broad range of styles and subjects, but always with a consistent undertone that comes from our community of writers. We are proud of our works and hope they bring you much joy as well.


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