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The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild has produced five anthologies that are available on Amazon at this page:

2020 Anthology:

Cover by Michelle Young

This year we chose to create our anthology with a theme to represent the City of Chattanooga, which may be the adopted home for many of us, and the city we have grown to adore. This edition contains featured writing dedicated to this theme along with art and photos.

Edited by Mark J Anderson, with Kate Landers

Cover art and design by Michelle Young

Contest director: Kate Landers

Featuring poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction works by: Alexandria Kelly, Barbara Tucker, Devereaux Chivington-Stebbins, Diana Walters, Frederick L. Marsh, Gary Sedlacek, Jerry Harwood, John DeVore, John C. Mannone, Karen Phillips, Karen Smith, Kelly Hanwright, , Lee Ann Gillen, M. Kent Anderson, Millicent Flake, Natalie Kimbell, Shawn Callaway Hays, Sherry Poff, Tammy Bostic McClintock, and Vickie McEntire.

Art and photos by: Jennifer Lambdin, John C. Mannone, Mark Anderson, Ray Zimmerman, and Vickie McEntire.

2019 Anthology

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild has striven to fulfill its pledge to “promote, encourage, and support the craft of quality writing and to create a supportive environment for writers in the greater Chattanooga Community.” This anthology perfectly illustrates this pledge, as the talent of the many writers represented inside will amply demonstrate. Even more, the guild has developed a network of writers from far beyond the city’s borders creating a collection that not only reflects the unique character of our Southern writers, but also gives voice to those from further afield.Regardless of their origins, these writers have all found a home in the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild Anthology, and we are proud to publish them.

2017 Anthology

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild is delighted to give voice to the many talented writers reflected in these pages who were the winners, honorable mentions, and short-listed finalists in the 2017 Spring Writing Contest. Like the sound of many waters, where there is a soothing that comes from the music of an individual stream or from the chorus originating from the confluence of many streams, these literary works form a complex texture of the music of words. May their symphony delight your heart. Contributors: Calvin Beam, Finn Bille, Joan Gelfand, Susan Grant, Trevor Harper, C. Ann Kodra, Kate Landers, John C. Mannone, Aubrey Tucker Pennington, Jr., Linda L. Peters, Sherry Poff, Gerhard Schneibel, Claire Scott, Wesley Sims, Greg Starnes, Tom Tague, Ann Thornfield-Long, Marla Thurman, Greg Wilkey, Ray Zimmerman.

2016 Anthology

The Chattanooga Writers’ Guild is not one voice, but a chorus. Our relationships with each other, our neighbors, the city of Chattanooga, and the region all interact to influence us as we tune our writing voices. And while we may write poetry, essays, genre or literary fiction, the impact of those interactions shines through in a bright harmony. The result is this collection of works from our 2016 Spring Writing Contest. Inside you will find a broad range of styles and subjects, but always with a consistent undertone that comes from our community of writers. We are proud of our works and hope they bring you much joy as well. Contributors: KB Ballentine, Christine Connley, Nan Harbin, Bruce Gaughran, Frederick Marsh, John C. Mannone, Robert Moulthrop, Stephen R. Pell, Joseph Petree, Sherry Poff, Claire Scott, Greg Starnes, Michelle Young, Ray Zimmerman.

2015 Anthology

Featuring the winners of our 2015 Spring Writing Contest, the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild 2015 Anthology contains thirteen original works by eleven talented Southern writers. The poems, stories, and nonfiction pieces in this volume span a broad range of subjects. From the death of a parent (“My Father on His Deathbed”) to middle school angst (“What Mom Knew”) to a man who can talk to machines (“Crazy Johnny”), this compilation features the creative individuality that the CWG strives to highlight and foster. Contributors: Loreen Broderick, Kelly Cass Falzone, A. L. Gates, Nan Harbin, M. H. Boos, Jamie Elliot Keith, Barbara V. Paper, Stephen R. Pell, Sherry Poff, Cheryll Snow, ​Cynthia Robinson Young.

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