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Who we are: We are a fellowship of writers, ranging from novice to expert, who enjoy interacting with, and learning from other writers. Our stated mission is: The Guild promotes, encourages, and supports writing and fosters a supportive, caring environment for writers in the Chattanooga community. We are a family of creative spirited people who love rubbing shoulders with other kindred spirits. We believe that writers write better in community with others!

What we do:

Writing groups that connect, support, and advance skills. These small groups are where we truly connect with other writers in an intimate setting. The exchange of ideas and support from others is incredibly valuable for growth. We also can request and receive feedback for work that we bring to the meeting.

Programs that educate, motivate, and inspire. Our monthly program that normally meets on 2nd Tuesdays at the Chattanooga City Library is currently being held online through our Facebook group and via Zoom. We have ongoing open mic meetings, educational presentations, and recorded interviews with authors. Our programs are not only surviving – but thriving – during the global health crisis.

Activities that engage the individual and connect the individual with groups. When conditions allow, we love our parties and activities that are opportunities to serve the community. We have two or more parties annually. We have hosted three major events called the Chattanooga Readers and Writers Fair, which is an annual celebration of all things literary, for and by the entire community. Our activities are heavily dependent upon our volunteer members with occasional paid staff or specialists.

Opportunities to excel in our writing, and celebrate our own and other’s achievements. Every author who wishes their work to be available to the public, also needs opportunities to expose their work in public settings. These opportunities are for the artist to push themselves to put forth their best work, and to be rewarded for their efforts! For this we have many venues:

  • Radio interviews on WUTC (when invited)
  • Open mic readings
  • Readings at local book stores
  • Speaker presentations
  • Contests
  • Publications

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