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I have maintained a writing practice for over twenty years. I would sum up my writing practice as a meaning-making process, bringing to conscious awareness the archetypal patterns that exist beyond individual experience. The archetypal fields within the psyche are encountered in the otherworld, sacred space, the fairy realm, and the enchanted forest. Stories take us to these places and new things are revealed to our souls. Writing has taken me on many inner journeys and encounters with the unconscious. Recently, I have written short stories for friends and family that deal with traumatic events and severe difficulties. These stories present patterns inherent to human experience and show that if we face hardship with courage and determination, we can triumph over formidable obstacles. I also retell fairy tales on a regular basis, connecting with the archetype patterns, and providing notes on the psychological meaning. Up to this point, I have not attempted to publish or to seek an agent. Professionally, I am a small business owner working in sustainable residential housing. Relevant to my writing practice, I hold a certificate in Advanced Pattern Analysis from the Assisi Institute. I am a mythopoetic contributor to various men’s groups. I enjoy reading books on Jungian Psychology, Jungian fairy tale analysis, and the like. My favorite novel is The Count of Monte Cristo. Other speculative fiction authors that I enjoy are Karen Traviss, Stephen Lawhead, Naomi Novik, and Andrzej Sapkowski.
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Nonfiction, Speculative Fiction, Short Stories/Flash, General Fiction

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