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Becky Wooley is the author of three clerical crime novels set in a fictional version of her home, Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is a conservative Protestant writing in a genre known for its satirical scrutiny of religion and politics. Wooley survived a private Christian education, served a decade in campus ministry, and, as a church secretary and minister’s wife, is privy to the inner workings of American Christian institutions. She recently taught high school in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, represented by the notorious Marjorie Taylor Greene, who exploits ignorance and paranoia to win elections. Wooley’s third book, "Murder Transported," is a satirical tilt at that seemingly intractable windmill. Wooley has written and produced radio and stage productions for churches and colleges as well as columns and features for church publications and secular newspapers. She has spoken at the Pepperdine Bible Lectureship and done book talks and Bible studies. Her B.A. in speech, M.S. in Media, and professional acting experience qualify her for in-person and online book promotion.
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