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Hello, Howdy, and Hi Just getting started as a writer but I've been practicing ever since I graduated UTC 25 years ago with a BA in BS (creative writing). I have written one short story recently that I recorded as a podcast and I am currently working on telling my own life story - filled with a lot of opinions on how to. To be embarrassingly honest I'm really way too scared of "you" to be a writer and when I just asked myself why I got an interesting answer: it's not fair. My unhealthy, inaccurate, obscene, crippling, daunting, exaggerated fear of "you" is completely unfair because it's a figment of my imagination. Obviously I don't know you but I've convinced myself that "you" is someone to be feared more than anyone, including all the real "yous" that I do know. How foolish of me! to falsely accuse "you" of being such a harsh and unfair holder of the almighty opinion of me. I can tell you (the writer reader) that I feel amazing as I write these words because you at least have some accurate shape and form in my mind right now, because I suspect that you have had dealings with "you" as well. Thank you for being safe to be honest with in these first baby steps! Am I crazy or is it possible that I might just be one of you? Can I be here with you and read you too? I would like (I am liking) that very much!!! I have no real social media presence except an old Facebook Page that I really need to either close down or fix up. - peace
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Nonfiction, Religious/Inspirational, Humor, Short Stories/Flash

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