We love Contests!

Contests challenge us to excel, to challenge ourselves to take our writing seriously, to be innovative, to let the swirl and twirl of magical words dance around in that little space between our ears, until something beautiful and profound flows through our fingers onto a page.

Our monthly contest series is free to members. Each month there is a new theme which is announced in the newsletter, in the Facebook group, and here on the website. Winners receive $25-, publishing on CWG website, publishing in the Chattanooga Pulse online magazine. Complete rules are below.

CWG Monthly Contest

Rules & Guidelines

  • Submission period: 1st – 21st of each month (excepting February) from September 2020 through August 2021.
  • Eligibility: All current members of the Chattanooga Writers’ Guild. Submissions must have never been published (personal blogs are ok), and must be your own original work. 
  • Genres: Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry
  • Themes: Different each month. Check newsletter, Facebook, and website for the current theme.
  • Fees: Free to members of the CWG.
  • Prizes: $25 (check will be mailed) and publication in the newsletter and on our website.
  • Word Limit: 1500 prose / 300 poetry
  • Limited to 1 submission per author per month.
  • The winner(s) of one month must skip the following month before submitting again.
  • Do not include any identifying information (i.e. your name) in your submission.
  • Email your submission as an attachment to:
  • Subject line of your email should be the month + CWG Contest (ex: September CWG Contest)
  • Include in the body of your email:
    • Name
    • Mailing address (so we can mail your check if you win)
    • Title of your submission
    • Genre (Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, or Poetry)
    • A brief bio (70 words or less) written in 3rd person. You may include a link to your online work.
  • Submissions should relate to the monthly theme. You can use the accompanying picture as a prompt, but you do not have to. You do not have to use the theme word in your submission.
  • Judges will be different each month and will be announced on the 1st along with the theme. 
  • Questions can be sent to Contest Director Kate Landers at
  • CWG reserves the right to refrain from publishing winning entries if they are not suited for a PG13 audience, or do not meet CWG publishing standards.
  • By sending us your submission, you affirm that you are a current member of CWG, and you are the author and hold all rights to this work. This work has not been previously published (exception for a personal blog). You give CWG permission to publish your work in the newsletter and the website. 
  • If further publication opportunities are offered you will be notified first.

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