We ❤️ Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Below is a list of current needs. If you see an area where you could help out, please contact the appropriate Board member. And if you have an idea for volunteering, but don’t see it below, send us an email!

Help with Anthology Promotion (updated 9/29/22)
Our new Anthology is here and we would love to see it all around town in local coffee shops, book stores, hotel lobbies, doctor waiting rooms, etc. If you know how to market publications, please consider helping us out! Contact Kate Landers at kate.landers@chattanoogawritersguild.org.

Grant Writing/Fundraising (posted 10/23/22)
The CWG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and as such we rely heavily on grants, fundraising, and donations. We use these funds to pay bills (such as website hosting), cater dinners for our social events, run contests, produce our anthology, and more. If you could help us raise money to cover these costs, please email kate.landers@chattanoogawritersguild.org.

Find us Some Storage Space (posted 1/4/23)
We are searching for a centrally-located space to store all of our anthologies, signs, tablecloths, posters, etc. We need about 10 square feet, or a reach-in closet’s worth of space. Does your office have a closet we could rent? Ideally the space will be in or near downtown, able to be locked, and accessible during normal business hours. Please message kate.landers@chattanoogawritersguild.org if you know of such a space.

Thank you so much to our volunteers! (updated 11/04/22) We really appreciate the following members who have agreed to help out with various events and projects:

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