Nature Writing at Audubon Acres

Ray Zimmerman will offer a nature writing session at Audubon Acres on Thursday, September 14, from 6:30 -8:00. Call Chattanooga Audubon (423) 821-1499 for fee information and to register.

Writing the Natural World

This workshop will include time to write and to share your writing if you choose, but we will begin with a  pertinent question. Why should I write or read about nature? The facilitator will share a few resources for writers and present exemplary works by notable nature writers. Participants will have time to say what they like (or don’t like) about the samples.   Following the examples, the participants will have time to write. They may choose to respond to the natural environment at the workshop location, one of the sample works, or other prompts provided by the presenter. 

Nature writing can include nonfiction, poetry, and fictional works.   These are links to some works by the presenter:  The last link goes to a digital edition of The Tennessee Conservationist, so you may have to scroll to see the article.   

Two nature poems and one about baseball:  

Snorkeling in Appalachia  

Interview with a rattlesnake expert.  

A work of fiction:  

Chattanooga’s Audubon Acres

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