CWG Newsletter 11.30.2022

Writing Groups

Our writing groups are the heart of the Chattanooga Writers Guild. I currently participate in three, regularly or occasionally, and have found them all valuable in preparing my work for the next step.

Since I no longer drive at night, I was pleased to find the North Georgia Writers Group, which meets in the daytime. I also participate in two online groups, Creative Nonfiction and Poetry, and the Ekphrastic Poetry group.

The last two are great for shorter works since they require reading the piece out loud. The first involves the advance distribution of longer works and hearing comments during the meeting.  

I also participate in three online groups not affiliated with CWG. One based in Nashville, one in Oak Ridge, and one in Wyoming. The more ears that hear my work before I try to publish it, the better.

Books at Winder Binder

Several of our authors have placed books at the Winder Binder store on Frazier Avenue. I know those represented include Ray Zimmerman, Finn Bille, KB Ballentine, Helga Kidder, Rachel Landrum Crumble, and Kelly Hanwright. I am sure I have left someone out, and I apologize if that is the case,

Winder Binder just handed me a check for books sold and stocked up on my books for the busy holiday season. Retailers do half of their yearly business during the Christmas season, so this is the perfect time to have your books in a store.

CWG Books Online

The CWG has an online book gallery for our members. You can see the cover and find a link to buy the book. Vending is by third parties and not the CWG.

CWG Holiday Party

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