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Title:  Traveling Through,  Barbara G. Tucker, ISBN:  978-1602900639, Publisher:  OakTara


Description:  This novel blends all the subjects you aren’t supposed to talk about:  politics, religion, race, family conflicts.  It tells the story of a young couple facing an unexpected tragedy.  Over the years, each of them deals with it in their own ways, leading to long-term resentment and conflicts.  The book has been praised for its realistic characters.


Non-Prophet Murders: A Grit and Grace Mystery; Copyright 2010, Becky Wooley; Resource Publications, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers; ISBN 13:978-1-60899-331-4


Title:             Joyous & Free In Spite of Myself

Author:         James Frederick

 ISBN:            978-0-9827252-4-5

 Publisher:     Ford Falcon & McNeil

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Fragments of Light

KB Ballentine

ISBN 9780981923819; $15

Light stalking shadow. Spring chasing winter. Fragments of Light explores cycles, explores how light and shadow affect nature, people. Begin the journey and chase the changing months in the moon poems. Move with each season’s shadow and light. Each requires the other. Adversity attempts to cover light with its darkness. But, though the moon waxes and wanes, fragments of light are never extinguished. Continue to reach for that light throughout the weeks and months ahead – homing towards journey’s end.


Gathering Stones

KB Ballentine

ISBN 9780965895095; $15

Gathering Stones will take you on a journey of Ireland’s past through her turbulent history and into her promising future. Gather stones of new memory as you read, a better vision of what she can become. Between wisps of fog and watery sun, blue peeks again and pinpricks of silver shimmer across the sea


Southern Light: Twelve Contemporary Southern Poets

Ray Zimmerman, Bruce Majors,. Ed Lindberg

Ford, Falcon and McNeil, Publishers

ISBN 978-0-9827252-2-1!/pages/Southern-Light/159959427392604

The collection begins with twenty poems reclaimed from out of print works by Robert Morgan and continues with poems by regional writers. Many of the works are published in this volume for the first time while others are well known and award winning.


Horace the Hopper

Grant Fetters

ISBN 978-1452869803

Children’s book.


War Dream 

Grant Fetters

ISBN 9781466370111




Helga Kidder

ISBN:  not yet known

No link to a web site yet – collection will be published in the summer of 2012

This is a collection of poems about growing up in post WWII Germany.  These poems range from rescue from drowning to climbing down into the cellar, slaughtering the pig to playing soccer in the street with the boys, building kites in the attic to wearing Parisian shoes, and finally from innocence in the Black Gazebo to the Milk Moon.


Title: Fire Poems

Author: Finn Bille

ISBN: 0-944266-33-9

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All poems in this book describe the fire and its aftermath, especially Finn’s salvage attempts in his burned out house that stood in the Fort Wood Historic District in Chattanooga. Bill Brown, Tn poet and author of Late Winter, The News Inside, and Tatters, says, “In this book of loss and wonder, filled with inventive language and  a sharp eye for detail, emotional loss is transformed by Bille’s artfulness.Also for sale at Winder Binder on Frazier Avenue in Chattanoooga.


Philip & Olympias: A Novel of Ancient Macedon,

Peter Messmore

Published by

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King Philip of Macedon was the father of Alexander the Great. Queen Olympias was Alexander’s mother. The novel describes the nearly thirty year rise to power of Alexander’s parents, his birth, and Macedon’s rise to dominance in the world of ancient Greece.


Alexander the King: The Sequel to Philip & Olympias,

Peter Messmore

Published by,

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This book describes young King Alexander’s accession to the kingship of Macedon and his epic journey of conquest.


Emergia: A Chronicle of the Future

Peter Messmore

Available on and Barnes &, and on the Apple I-Pad

The year is 2041 in America. Selfish, dangerous groups of Americans seek to dominate the national scene. Cataclysmic events then intervene and involve all of the country and the world.


Signal Mountain

Mary Scott Norris, Priscilla N. Shartle

ISBN: 9780738553887

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

The book is a history of Signal Mountain.  In 1913, Charles E. James opened the Signal Mountain Inn, beginning the community’s development. Resort amenities included golf, swimming and boating on Rainbow Lake, a casino and dance hall, and daily walks to the mineral waters of Burnt Cabin Springs. During World War I, soldiers stationed at Fort Oglethorpe visited the area to spend time with their families. Dignitaries and movie stars arrived for the fine dining and clear mountain air. From this time on, the community grew by leaps and bounds.


Diamond And The Shape Shifting Mayans

Dewey Wayne Dempsey

© November 2011 Obsidian Eagle LLC

 A Burnt Mountain Press Imprint

 ISBN:  978-0-9836158-9-7   

Diamond Rising Star Adair is a Cherokee detective and medicine woman.  This is the fourth in the series and the action is a blend of high tech and Native American Shamanism.  Both the Mayans and Diamond and her partners use shape shifting in the some of the battles. The climax is in the Black Rock Desert during the 2007 Burning Man gathering.

In Pursuit of Abraham

Francine Fuqua

ISBN 978-1-4502-8715-9 (ebk)  978-1-4502-8713-5 (pbk) 978-4502-8714-2 (clth)

Published by iUniverse

Occupied Paris, 1943: Georges Moncel, a handsome and distinguished university president, is writing a novel that has incited the suspicion and wrath of the SS. He escapes France with the help of the French Resistance and travels to the Middle East in order to retrace the path taken by Abraham 3800 years before so he can complete his manuscript. His adventures will transport you from the abject misery of occupied France in World War II, to exotic Egypt and its archeological wonders, and to the world of Abraham and Sarah, three millennia earlier. In Egypt, Georges will make a remarkable biblical discovery, and he will encounter danger, betrayal and a controversial love.