Winder Binder Gallery

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Winder Binder Gallery

More top ten lists!  (Local Authors, “Chattanooga” bestsellers, and National bestsellers)…. Top 10 selling Local Author books… 1.  Southern Light (Poetry, edited by Bruce Majors, Ray Zimmerman & Ed Lindberg) 2. Wayne White: Maybe Now I Will Get the Respect I So Richly Deserve (edited by Todd Oldham) 3.  Old Money, New South (Dean Arnold) 4.  Fire Poems (Finn Bille) 5.  Chattanooga Chills (Mark Fults) 6.  Chattanooga Walking Tours  (Maury Nicely) 7.  Confederate Streets (Erin Tocknell) 8.  Raoke & the Camp Raid (Cindy Harris) 9.  Woodland Letters (Lynee Mulligan) 10.  Test by Fire (Robert Swansborough)

 Top 10 selling Chattanooga related books… 1.  Chattanooga’s Heroic Drive (Beth Ellen Roberts) T2.  Haunted Chattanooga (Amy Petulla and Jessica Penot) T2. Remembering Chattanooga (William Hull) T2. Chattanooga Then & Now (William Hull) 6.  Chattanooga Radio & Television (David Carroll) 7.  Bicycling Routes (Elle Colquitt) 8.  Seasoned to Taste (Junior League) 9.  Railroads in Chattanooga (Alan Walker) 10.  Off Road Trails (Elle Colquitt)

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  1. I like the first item on the books by local authors list.

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